What was the problem?

CryTek provides a custom CrySkin modifier to preview what skinning will look like in-game, however, there was an inconsistent use of that modifier in rig files. With no standard set, it was a gamble when usingĀ automated skinning tools.

What was the solution?

trsSkinOps wraps up many commonly used workflows and tools in a struct that operates regardless of skin type. Additionally, it adds the following functionality.

Occasionally a skin modifier would need to be re-added in order to make sure that the .chr and .skin files were in-sync. Refresh Skin Weights re-applies theĀ Skin/CrySkin modifier while offering the option to collapse the modifier stack and/or swap between the two skin types.

This tool allows the user to transfer weights quickly from one bone to another. For example, if a bone is added after skinning has begun and it would be good to transfer existing weights to that bone, Replace Weights facilitates the process.

The list of bones displayed in the modifier panel in 3DS Max 2014 is not 100% reliable when used with other tools. This script checks the list and informs the user of how many bones are mis-matched and how best to fix the list.